Ben Affleck may have left the mansion he lives with Jennifer Lopez after a strong fight

it’s only been a month Ben Affleck You Jennifer Lopez As they celebrated their three-day wedding, the couple seemed like everything in their life was like a fairy tale, however, a source close to the celebrities has revealed that they are going through a rough patch. Huh. Well, Affleck is known abandoned mansion where Discretion Having one with JLo strong fight,

it was the same Jennifer Lopez who, after celebrating her second marriage, shared some details on how she lived this magical moment after her marriage was finalized Ben Affleck, However, weeks after that magical moment, several rumors surfaced, which were confirmed by a source close to the couple, suggesting that their relationship is in trouble, as JLo wants to take control: “They have returned to the daily life of working and being a parent, the reality influencing them,

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