Benidorm ‘buys’ land in metaverse: it’s Benidorm land, a cyberspace replica of the tourist capital

The Visit Benidorm Foundation and Six3D Company are preparing for the launch of Benidorm Land for the end of October. it’s a metaverse Reproduces almost two kilometers of Levante beach and Castel area in virtual reality To attract long term young tourists.

Benidorm City Council has bought the rights to build a virtual city, in this way the technology will be used for whose intent Generate advertising and tourist effects,

First it will focus on the world Gambling, but it is intended to promote the initiative as a marketing tool. Benidorm Land will be a place to meet and play in the metaverse, in addition, the city will be able to walk and fly,

Alberto Lozano (General Director of Six3D) indicates in EFE that the future of the Metaverse is “very broad”, as “they intend to be a meeting place where performing concerts, cultural activities And to be able to shop at the companies where their establishment is hosted there”.

users will be able to Access Benidorm Land via Steam or a specific link that will be available from the Visit Benidorm Foundation portal.

A regulated environment is expected to protect the users.

In addition to conventions and festivals, Benidorm Land also educational objectives will be, This means that the Business Foundation of the University of Alicante (Fundain), in collaboration with several professional associations, has organized the first course on employability in the metaverse.

The Visit Benidorm Foundation explains that “Imagine that when you walk through the city, you can enter a building, company or dwelling and see exactly the room you want or even can buy that service. The possibilities depend on how demand trends will determine the profitability of the project by the users”.

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