Best Channels to Watch Free Movies on YouTube

You must have ever searched for a movie on YouTube and found it perfect. On many occasions, these publications are taken down because users do not have the rights to upload them. However, the company does have a list of movies streaming completely free and legally.

Within the content viewable from the platform are movies older than 50 years that are no longer protected by copyright. These can be published without paying for their commercial use.

In addition, some production companies voluntarily publish their feature films so that more people have access to them. For its part, YouTube also lets users Buy or rent a wide variety of movie titles,

Illegal YouTube Content

Despite the fact that Google is very strict with copyrights and tries to eliminate all content that violates the rules, there are many movies and series that can be watched on YouTube. Videos are deleted as soon as the company finds outBut not without seeing hundreds, thousands or even millions of users.

legal movie playlist

yes in content They don’t violate copyright laws, there’s something for everyone, From 20BITS, we provide you with a summary of all the lists that may interest you:

  • 100 movies in spanish. there is one wide thematic rangeFrom horror movies (ideally now Halloween is approaching) and comedies to dance or romantic movies.
  • Full movies in spanish. Like the first list, it also has Movie titles for all tastes,
  • A-1: Science fiction. As indicated by the name of the list, the movies are Science fiction And many are available in Spanish.
  • Multimedia Cinetel. It is a channel of the Spanish production company Cinetel Multimedia, which produces a variety of free movies.
  • Public domain movies. this is another channel great classics movies of the last century.
  • western frenzy. those fans of western movies You can watch some movies through this channel.
  • Movie Classics (1). list is old movies Which many movie watchers consider ‘classic’.
  • If you’re one of those who enjoy horror moviesThis YouTube channel is for you.

The content can be viewed from PC or mobile.

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