Best headphones for those who always forget to charge: Run on solar power

Swedish firm Urbanista and sports giant Adidas have solar panels built into their headbands, but Swedish company Axiger makes Flexible, Light, Thin and Powerful Panel To charge the headphones with solar power.

Notably, Exigir’s solar panels are called ‘powerfoils’, they are only 1.3 mm thick, The technology is based on strips of titanium dioxide coated with a natural dyeand absorb photons of light which are converted into electrons.

Although this innovation is half as efficient than standard solar panels, titanium dioxide panels are thin, Easy and cheap to produce.

Solar powered headphones have a built-in battery that Provides up to 80 hours of playbackIn addition, they can generate energy for up to an hour from just 20 minutes of sunlight.

The panels also draw some power from artificial light, such as interior lighting, but the idea is that the headphones are always charged unless it’s night. On the other hand, equipment there is a power outlet If backup power is required after heavy usage.

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