Beware of ‘romance scam’: Prem scam latest fashion scam

‘Romance scam’ is a love scam where Cybercriminals hunt for victims’ emotions to steal moneyFurthermore, there is no precise profile as those affected are usually middle-aged and young women.

Jose Diaz (agent of the National Police’s technical crime group in the Balearic Islands) explains in a YouTube video that mode of operation Of Thugs: “Includes gain a person’s trust So that he can believe that they maintain a passionate relationship. When they cross this stage, they start demanding money under any pretext, though there may be many, but the objective is the same, to get money.

These frauds are done by organized groups., Diaz explains that “each one has a very different role. There is one that is dedicated to catching the victim, the other side which are the ‘mules’ who get the money. These are the members of the organization that manages it. Others are in charge of maintaining relationships by writing every day. It’s a complicated job, because they can talk to 100, 200 or 300 people and they need a huge database”.

To avoid ‘romance scandal’, Diaz insists privacy is essentialSaying that “You must not leave the profile open. You must filter who can see and contact it, thus preventing unknown people from contacting it with false profiles.”

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