Beware the HBO Max scam: a false 12-month subscription to the service for 2 euros

HBO Max has a second content platform streaming Pay, with more subscribers in the world, surpassed only Netflix. The annual subscription to this service is 69.99 euros and the monthly subscription is 8.99 euros. According to cyber security company ESET, some cybercriminals claim to offer these services For only 2 euros per year try to woo the victims.

with the premiere of ‘Dragon’s House’, there are many users who are interested in HBO Max. However, the price may be high for some internet users and 2 euros per year seems like a very interesting offer to take into account.

Cybercriminals offer this alleged alternative Via email. In the message, they provide a link that redirects to a web page that incorrectly informs that users have been randomly selected to participate in a survey and receive a subscription for a reduced price.

This technology is not the first time that it has been used to access bank details of victims. In this particular case, the victims are passing information not to HBO Max but to cybercriminals and despite promising 2 euros of cost, The amount they make is more than expected.

The fine print reports the exact amount of the said offer.
The fine print reports the exact amount of the said offer.

They also infect devices with malware.

By reading the small print on the web, you can read that the money goes to a company that has nothing to do with the service concerned. streaming, In addition, they warn that the plan It actually costs 42.95 euros every 28 days HBO Max subscription without guarantee.

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