Biby Gaytán rocks the shorts she wore in “Dos Mujeres un camino”

baby singing She is one of the mature actresses who remains most active on the social network, where she, in addition to giving an account of her personal life, shows how beautiful she remains even at the age of 50 and shares photos with each other. For how much love is there between him and them. Has sustained. Edward CapetilloWith whom he has maintained a stable marriage over the years, despite rumors that he wants to break off their relationship, such as when they both hosted “Academy”.

However, both denied what they classified at the time as “magazine gossip” and although they did not do it in the best way and it cost them the veto of the Ajusco television station, their marriage faced a great test. Which also deprived him of his job. ,

Bibi Gayton looks as beautiful as in her youth

and today both develop while working on separate projects, because while Edward Capetillo some works on netflix audiovisualbaby singing She stars in various campaigns in which she shows off her beauty and although not all of her photos are part of collaborations, there are some photos that grab users’ attention because it takes her back to some of her most iconic roles, such as A photo shared last July.

Photo | Bibi Gayane shares a look with which she remembers her time in “Dos Mujeres un Caminos”

it was last 4th of july baby singing Decided to share a reel in which you can see how the beautiful actress dons a colorful outfit that takes us back to the nineties, only with a more folkloric style as she randomly mixes different patterns.

However what really caught my attention were the shorts she was wearing baby singingSince these refer to the type of clothing worn in the season in which “Dos mujeres un caminos” aired, a telenovela in which the actress starred alongside Erik Estrada and Laura León.

Bibby Gayton recalls her time in “Two Women, One Way”

Therefore, many of her fans began to comment, in which they quickly related the actress’ outfit to the character she played in the soap opera “Dos mujeres, un caminos”, which had a total of 229 episodes and was created and produced by went. Emilio Larosa between 1993 and 1994.

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baby singing Give class of style in mini shorts and colorful summer look

baby singing Dazzle on a magazine cover and teaches style to mature women

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