Biden voted early in Delaware for November midterm

President Biden – along with one of his granddaughters, a first-time voter – cast his midterm vote on Saturday.

In-person early voting began Friday in his home state of Delaware, where Mr Biden regularly returns for the weekend. Nationwide Democrats encourage voters to take advantage of early voting, either by mail-in ballots or in areas where the maximum is available for voting.

Mr Biden said he is feeling good about the medium term, which will determine Congress’s control for the next two years.

US President Biden and his granddaughter Natalie Biden after early voting in Wilmington, Delaware, October 29, 2022. Natalie Biden is a first-time voter and the daughter of the late Beau Biden.


In the final days before the November 8 election, Biden plans to step up his campaign trip with scheduled visits to Pennsylvania, Florida, New Mexico and Maryland to stump up Democratic congressional and gubernatorial candidates.

“I’m going to spend the rest of my time arguing that this is not a referendum. It is a choice. A fundamental choice,” he said. “A choice between two very different approaches to the country.”

Mr Biden voted with his granddaughter Natalie, who is 18. He also voted in Delaware last month, when he made a quick, one-day trip to the state’s September 13 primary.

Delaware has no competitive congressional race in this cycle.

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