‘Black Panther 2’: Boy goes to Walmart and thinks Tenoch Huerta is his father

With the premiere of ‘Black Panther 2’, the character of Namor has become a public favorite. Recently a little boy went viral after mistaking the underwater king for his father, leading to all kinds of reactions.

Ryan Coogler was in charge of introducing Wakanda to the big screen for the first time and the result was really satisfying for the Marvelites, being black Panther One of the favorites of the public and critics. now, director cult come back with black panther wakanda forever To show us the nation of Taloqan, inspired by Mesoamerican culture, led by Namor (Tenoch Bagh), the king of the seven seas.

The film had many complications since Chadwick Boseman’s death had to revise the script to introduce T’Challa’s new successor, with Letitia Wright taking over. but beyond that, There was also an opportunity to introduce new characters like iron Heart ,Dominic Thorne) and mighty Namor, which have already become public favourites; Some fans even attended his performance in the guise of Kukulcan.

Collectible figures and Black Panther merchandise have been a sensation and you can find them at a huge discount now that The Good End is coming. In Walmart’s case, the Sea King action figure is already on sale style Max Steel, and recently A little boy went viral on Tik Tok after he asked his mother to buy him “his father’s” toy, prompting all kinds of reactions from internet users,

The little boy assures that the character is very similar to his father and his mother jokes that he is “much prettier.” In the comments one could read: “Chayne trembles, now the children have a new father”, “Huerta will be the father of many children in 25 years”, “Finally a miracle doll that looks like us Hispanics”.Some even compared the moment to the girls’ reaction to seeing Halle Bailey as The Little Mermaid.


The video quickly went viral.

actor of Narcos: Mexico, days of grace You Gyros She was praised for her performance along with her partners Mabel Cadena and Alex Livinali, receiving great expressions of love from the public. A few days back he was honored with the San Fronteras award at the Los Cabos Festival Where she gave a powerful speech on the importance of inclusion and diversity in film. For the actor, this type of film can change the perception of kids and make them feel proud of their roots.

IGN Latin America

Tenoch Huerta had to learn to play Maya.

After this, it is likely that he will be in tears when he sees that little by little he has achieved his goal and it is most likely that we will see him place Mexico high in future presentations Will see what happened. Unlike other Marvel films, Latin blood was always present in Black Panther Wakanda and not only in the cast but also in the development of the story, as there are many references to the pre-Hispanic peoples of Central America, specifically the Mayan culture and now you. You can watch a part of this world in your favorite cinema.

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