‘Black Panther 2’: ‘Love Hurts You’ inspired Namor de Tenoch Huerta

Tenoch Huerta is making headlines around the world for his MCU debut as Namor in ‘Black Panther 2’, however, did you know that his acting inspiration has deep roots that go as far as ‘Loving You Hurts’?

Tenoch Huerta is everywhere: he’s the image of a totteria in Mexico City, he’s the focus of interest when one area of ​​fandom assures that the editors of Black Panther: Wakanda have permanently reduced the size of his penis. did (things got) a little out of control, but it’s true). However, few people know that Tenoch’s acting inspiration has roots that connect to loving you hurts,

It was revealed on the YouTube channel “Extended Edition with Tenoch Huerta”; A 2021 episode that included the participation of Luis Fernando Peña, a film, theater and television actor best remembered for co-starring in the film Fernando Sarinana with Martha Higareda, Alfonso Herrera and Ximena Sarinana. Yes, he played Ulysses, the young man who wore a conch shell necklace and eventually fell in love with a rich girl.


Luis Fernando Peña taught us that we grays know how to love well and beautifully, even when it hurts.

In the same conversation, the La purga por siempre and Narcos: Mexico actor reflects on the representation of gray-haired people in national cinema, even as Amar Te Duele breaks endlessly invisible but existing guidelines. “Luis Fernando Peña is considered in the annals of the history of national cinema as the first black of Mexican cinema”.Tenoch Huerta confessed. “Luis Fernando Peña taught us that, when we have girlfriends, you don’t always have to kill them, you don’t have to break into their parents’ houses or rape everyone you come across. have to do.”

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‘Love You Hurts’ continues to hit high school Moritos just like it hit us. The narratives haven’t changed.

Among the anecdotes shared between this pair of actors, there was a meeting where there were several dark-haired actors who were fighting against the norms of Mexican cinema, although they did not name, It was clear that Huerta was there, as he remembered how the entire group dedicated an emotional recognition to Peña.,


,I knew I could be an actor because I saw you, I didn’t see myself as an actor until I saw you because you just didn’t open the door (Which is nothing wrong with that), but the character has no power or influence within the story. Besides you were the hero, you didn’t bully him, you didn’t steal or fuck; You had a conch shell necklace.

We said: ‘You taught us that you can be an actor and represent iconic characters, that we are not born to be criminals.

This led to a final reflection on the influence of Luis Fernando Peña, who you will also remember in Corazon Marchito, Chronicus Chilangas or La Dictadura Perfecta, in the professional career of both Tenoch, as the perception of the film industry in Mexico,

,loving you hurts It didn’t change the industry, but it changed the lives of many people, also the vision of many people who now want to change the industry, but certainly Luis Fernando Peña and loving you hurts was a watershed and part of the emotional education of manysaid Mabel Cadena co-stars Letitia Wright and Martin Freeman.

right now Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It’s still in cinemas at Cinepolis and Cinemax, then you will be able to see Tenoch Huerta as the Emperor of Talocan. Still don’t have your tickets? With this link you can buy them without much can and fast.

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