“Black Panther” Star Chadwick Boseman Will Give Commencement Speech at Howard University

Washington — “Black Panther” star Chadwick Boseman will speak at his alma mater, Howard University, one of the most respected historically black colleges in America, “Black Panther,” which broke box office records and meant to look like a superhero. Changed. , is one of the first blockbuster films to portray Africa in an aspirational and positive light.

The university announced Wednesday that Boseman will deliver the keynote address at Howard’s 150th convocation on May 12.

The news outlet reports Boseman will be presented with the university’s highest honour, the Honorary Doctor of Human Letters.

Howard University President Wayne Frederick said that his role in the blockbuster “Black Panther” film “reminds us of the excellence we have found in the African diaspora, and Howard remains a gem that will serve the next generation of artists—scholars, humanists, scientists, engineers). Produces. And the doctor.”

“Black Panther” has been lauded for inspiring children with the imagination of Wakanda, a fictional African nation with astonishing futuristic technology and innovation. In an interview with CBS News, executive producer Nate Moore said, “There is such a small population of people who are yearning for their positive images on screen. In this case, obviously the African-American and African community t’. Challa and the like are seeing representations. Nakiya and Okoye and all these great characters are valuable in terms of doing good and being heroic because those images don’t exist as much.”

Earlier in the year, celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Octavia Butler helped promote the “Black Panther Challenge,” a viral online fundraising effort that began with a plan to help black kids around the country watch the film. .

Boseman, a South Carolina native, has also starred in films portraying Jackie Robinson, James Brown, and fellow Howard bachelor Thurgood Marshall.

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