BLACKPINK’s Agency YG Entertainment Launches Police Investigation Into Invasion Of One Member’s Privacy

YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK’s partner agency, has finally responded to requests from fans to take appropriate action to protect one of the members, Jennie. Speaking of the singer, she has been the victim of invasion of privacy as photos from her private accounts were leaked on the Internet. Recently, a selfie of Jennie and BTS’s V apparently during their date went viral and garnered attention online. It led to more speculation and demands from the agency to clear up the rumors.

The agency statement

On October 3, 2022, YG Entertainment released a statement clarifying the matter and stating that they have taken appropriate action in this regard. Not only that, but the agency also reported that the matter has reached the police, who have put in place a plan to sue those responsible for the invasion of the BLACKPINK member’s personal photos. They will reportedly go after the individual responsible for distributing the images on the internet. The agency was reportedly monitoring online content and filed a complaint based on the same in September.

More details

The agency’s statement also revealed that they refrained from commenting or expressing their position on the matter in order to minimize the damage caused by the situation, but found it difficult to hold back as personal attacks, invasion of privacy and sexual harassment became the norm. main concern. The agency will reportedly take lenient steps to rectify the situation. In addition, the act of sharing unverified content and writing malicious posts against the artist (Jennie) will be charged with defamation and violation of the prohibition of illegal distribution of information. In addition, whoever shares illegally disclosed images will also be punished by law.


Previously, BigHit Music, the agency associated with BTS, also shared a similar statement revealing that they are taking action against some malicious rumors against the group. It led fans to believe that the agency is talking about V, who is currently linked to BLACKPINK’s Jennie, as dating rumors of him abound online. On September 29, 2022, BigHit Music shared an update on the legal proceedings against online perpetrators and malicious commenters for infringing on BTS’s rights. The agency also issued a lengthy statement about it.

It stated, “We have recently filed additional criminal complaints against posts with personal attacks and defamation using new information provided by fans and collected through our monitoring initiatives.”

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