BLACKPINK’s Pink Venom and Shut Down Create New Records; DETAILS inside

BLACKPINK Members Are Ruling The Music World, And How! The group made up of Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa have been making headlines for the past few weeks for obvious reasons. Their second full-length album BORN PINK is breaking records everywhere and continues to do so even now. For the inexperienced, BLACKPINK also released a pre-release track titled Pink Venom in August 2022 that eventually became a huge hit.

new records

On September 30, 2022, BLACKPINK’s Pink Venom was revealed to have surpassed 200 million streams on the popular Spotify platform. For the inexperienced, it was released on August 19, 2022 and has become the fastest K-pop girl group song in Spotify history to reach such a number. Pink Venom is the 15th of the groupthe song to have accomplished such a feat and the fastest among them.

Shut Down Records

In addition to Pink Venom, BORN PINK’s title track Shut Down has also broken several records and won the hearts of music lovers. The track has ruled the YouTube charts since its release and has extended its reign for the sixth week in a row. There’s no denying that the numbers are impressive, with the group’s first official account crossing 80 million subscribers.

According to the latest Billboard charts for the first week of October, the BORN PINK album’s title track Shut Down debuted with an impressive position on the Hot 100 chart. to pre-release track Pink Venom on the chart which is already going strong for five weeks. Said track is currently at position 57 on the list.


Speaking of BLACKPINK, the group is almost done with BORN PINK promotions and BLINKs can’t believe it. Recently, a letter was released to all BLINKs around the world notifying them of the end of BLACKPINK’s promotions for BORN PINK. This is what it says: “Hello BLINKs! This promotion was a lot of fun and we feel happy thanks to BLINK. BLINKs, who are always by our side loving and supporting us without change. Thank you for liking this album that we worked hard to prepare! Now it’s our concert!! he he. BLINK, are you ready? Starting from the concerts on October 15 and 16, we are going to meet fans from all over the world, so wait a little longer! The weather is getting cold so dress warm and take care of your health! We will see you soon! Love you.”

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