Bluetooth turns 22: This is how the technology has changed to adapt to new devices

Bluetooth is a widely used option for connecting devices wirelessly and, although there are other options such as WiFi Direct, this technology is still the most popular among users. However, its use can be said to be relatively new, as it began to be applied to electronic devices. on December 7, 2000.

Today this type of short-range wireless connectivity is 22 years old and we find it in almost any device, from smartphones and computers to speakers, headphones or smart home devices. Now everyone knows what this technology is, but Originally, it was believed that it was a competition to WiFi 802.11.

Its developers are the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG), a private non-profit association in the United States, which today is made up of more than 20,000 companies. In the mid-90s, when it was being built, only big tech moguls, like Ericsson, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, Intel, IBM and Motorola, among others.

When Bluetooth was introduced, it was explained that the technology would use the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) in telephone services. According to what they revealed at the Bluetooth Developers Conference in its launch year, this connectivity will allow “Buy a Big Mac before you go to the McDonald’s parking lot.”

Bluetooth SIG’s main goal with its invention was and still is to eliminate cables and connectors in small wireless networks. Facilitates data synchronization between personal computers and communication between mobile computers.

Where did the name come from?

Although we have become used to hearing the term ‘Bluetooth’ to refer to this wireless connection technology, it was not a term that users were used to hearing prior to 2000. The choice of this word was based on A Danish and Norwegian king named Harald Blatandwhich was translated into English as Herald Bluetooth.

This historical character is known for Norse, Swedish and Danish tribes integrated and converted its inhabitants to Christianity. Technology companies wanted to do it with equipment in the same way that Harald used to ‘connect’ to ancient Nordic civilizations, so they adopted his last name to name their technology.

In fact, the Bluetooth logo combines Hagel and Berkana runWhich are the first letters of the names of the Danish and Norwegian kings.

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bluetooth 5.2

During these 22 years, there have been different versions of Bluetooth and the most recent one is 5.2, which was launched in January 2020. Its improvements over previous generations include a lower energy radio frequency mode and High performance with multiple BLE devices connected simultaneously.

In addition, there is now greater security by creating encrypted connections by default under a new EATT profile (Enhanced Attribute Protocol) and its transmission power It is more stable and has a lower consumption.

Thanks to the latest versions of Bluetooth, the connection to IoT devices has improved, something that was necessary, as there are more and more devices that keep us in smart homes. These technological innovations in wireless connectivity networks allow us to see a connected world increasingly feasible. Bluetooth SIG continues to investigate this, in order to lead to the application of this technology A future without cables and better wireless connections across devices we’ve never imagined before.

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