Bootcamp Program Ends Successfully: A Program to Promote Startups Designed in Hibernate Entrepreneurship Program – BOOST

In September, the new initiative designed by LA Terminal, promoted by technology consultants Hiberus and the Hiberus Foundation and supported by the Zaragoza City Council, the Hiberus Entrepreneurship Program – BOOST, began. a training program and Advice based on agile methodology with purpose of promotion startup in the acceleration phase,

Inspired by this initiative, the Bootcamp program was born: a training experience that managed to bring together entrepreneurs from Málaga, Borja, Barcelona and Chile.

During this event, Entrepreneurs were able to nurture themselves with the knowledge to promote start up, Under the leadership of Isabel E. Gallizzo, Head of the Hibernate Entrepreneurship Sector, and with the support of the Zaragoza City Council, the bootcamp program began.

Entrepreneurs created a product strategy based on customer needs and objectives at the hands of FactoryApps co-founder lvaro Perez. He learned digital marketing strategies with Alberto Alcosar, advisor to the Hiberus Foundation – La Terminal, he learned about the impact of his decisions on his company’s survival thanks to Javier de la Torre, CEO of Lean Finance, and experience in investing. Understood and learned from experience in investing. Entrepreneur Pilar Andrade rounds up at Lisa Seguros’ head.

Networking that was done with AJE.
Networking that was done with AJE.

the incident was Opportunity to get to know Aragon’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, Thanks to the Association of Young Entrepreneurs (AJE) who fostered a networking in the Hiberus ecosystem, which was attended by over 35 entrepreneurs, with whom to establish rapport and collaboration.

After these two intense trainings, Advice You networkingWe Enter the Final Stage of the Hibernate Entrepreneurship Program – Foster It Closes on 22nd December with #DemoDay,

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