Boston Dynamics and other robot makers pledge not to make weapons

Boston Dynamics’ well-known robotic dog will never be armed with a weapon again, or at least that’s what the company intends to do. After these machines were sometimes seen carrying weapons, the technology firm and five other manufacturers have signed Commitment to not arming your robots And that they will carefully review their customers’ application “whenever possible”.

Boston Dynamics is supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). However, with this decision to split the spot, it can only be used for missions that do not involve weapons, such as surveillance campaigns.

“believe us The benefits to humanity of these technologies far outweigh the risks of misuse.And we look forward to a bright future in which humans and robots work side by side to solve some of the world’s challenges.”

The companies that have agreed to commit to making their robots weaponless are: Boston Dynamics, Agility Robotics, Anibotics, Clearpath Robotics, Open Robotics and Unitry.

Boston Dynamics Against Guns at Spot

Prior to this deal, the company had already rejected Spot customers using quadruple robots with weapons. In fact, last year a group of artists crafted a spot with a paintball gun and named it ‘Spots Rampage’, Something that Boston Dynamics criticized.

It includes Nvidia Xavier processor.

According to a statement, the company did not agree with the “provocative use” of its device and was against any representation with Spot. which “promotes violence, harm or intimidation”.

Boston Dynamics notes that provocative art “can foster a useful dialogue about the role of technology in our lives,” but Spot’s rampage in particular misrepresented the brand’s technology.

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