Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski are keeping their relationship low-key because of divorce drama

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Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski They’re not Bratajkowski yet, but a source at Page Six revealed, “Stay tuned,” and the celebs have dated several times: “She asked him out and he said yes. He always thought Brad was cute, and said what do I have to lose?”

However, the same American media had contact with a source close to the “Bullet Train” actor, who told him that Angelina Jolie’s ex keeps their friendly relationship a secret, as he and the model are in the midst of a messy public breakup.

“Brad Pitt has dated quietly for the past two years. He’s worried that if he has a serious girlfriend, Angelina Jolie will speak worse about him to her kids than ever before.

Pitt, 58, and Jolie, 47, separated in 2016 and have since been embroiled in an ugly battle involving leaked FBI records, domestic violence allegations, a bitter custody battle and, most recently, $250 million for their French winery. Dollar demand is included.

Brad Pitt doesn’t want the drama that Emily Ratajkowski is experiencing in his divorce

A source said, “Emily is one hot mom, but Brad Pitt knows there’s a lot of drama related to his divorce.” “He has enough of a drama of his own.”

Meanwhile, 31-year-old Ratajkowski has filed for divorce from Sebastian Bier-McClard amid rumors that he has cheated on her, though the former couple has not publicly commented on the allegations.

The source revealed that “Bratajkowski” is “very casual” at the moment.

Emily Ratajkowski filed for divorce this month, though several media outlets have claimed since July that the couple was separating after four years of marriage.

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