Brave News brings personalized news and more privacy to Google Discover

Brave browser introduces a new section, Brave News, that shows a ‘feed’ Contains personalized news from various information sources Service in a format similar to Google’s Discover, such as a news outlet or blog.

Brave is a personal web browser created by Brendan Eich, the inventor of the JavaScript programming language and co-creator of Mozilla and Firefox, released in November 2019 and it privacy focused,

The company has indicated that Google Discover already has this option. Available for use in Spainin both ‘desktop’ versions (Windows, macOS and Linux), as well as mobile versions on iOS and Android, which will allow for “100 percent private” browsing, as specified on its website.

In particular, Brave News provides an up-to-date and customizable news channel Based on the list of information sources First selected by users from over 300 media and information sources.

As such, this section may include news published on social networks, media or print and digital press, blogs or popular editorials. All of them they will update automatically All day.

Similarly, Brave has announced that it will be possible to establish a news classification system According to their theme (International, Sports, Training, Business, Finance, Fashion, Lifestyle, Cryptocurrencies, etc.).

The innovations of the Google search engine are combined with others that the company has already implemented in order to make the results relevant.

The company has explained in detail how this ‘feed’ works Filters content based on various aspectssuch as publication date or user preferences.

While it does take into account your browsing history, Brave stresses that it respects users’ anonymity “at all times” and is based solely on recorded actions on the device being used.

Brave has qualified that currently Brave News is a free serviceAlthough it hopes to offer a version “later” for subscribers, paid and without advertising.

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