Bray Wyatt reacts to his return to WWE

Mysterious fighter Bray Wyatt returns to WWE during the live premium event Extreme Rules 2022 this Saturday and now with a backlash on Twitter. Commenting briefly on a video of a fan, which shows her daughter is very excited by the segment that marked her return, After an absence of more than a year.

“That’s why I missed you too. For all”.

Now, this is the moment we must wait to see what plans they have with Bray Wyatt upon his return. It is speculated that a faction will be formed around him, But that will really only start to be seen in this week’s editions of the WWE television show.

Bray Wyatt returned at the end of WWE Extreme Rules 2022, when the lights went out and a segment began where Wyatt took off a new mask and revealed his identity, culminating with enthusiasm from everyone attending the venue. did. Billions of fans watching it in Philadelphia and on TV.

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