Breathe before watching how George Kahwagi takes care of his surgery. photos

During the first decade of the 2000s, George Kahwagi He was characterized by being multifaceted, as he could participate in a reality show with TV stars as well as participate in debates against 12 opponents in the Chamber of Deputies or Box and defeat them all. knock out,

Parts of his face were destroyed due to in-ring battles and even extreme complications that deserved a mention. medical intervention,

change face

Over the years, his career boxer It took a toll on his face and his physical transformation drew much criticism against him, despite the fact that he decided to undergo a separate plastic Surgery to improve your face.

Kahwagi retired from the ring in 2015, shortly after stepping away from public life and has not been in the eye of a storm since leading a quiet life away from show business scandals.

However, controversy resurfaced when expert Enrique Ibarra published a video on the social network, where he assured that facial deformity Kahwagi is the result of who they live with wrong decisions,

wrong decisions

Ibarra mentioned that Application. More than hyaluronic acid You botox the culprit may be that over the years his face looked completely different from how we knew him and with a swelling Considerable.

According to this dermatologist, Kahwagi had to undergo surgery on his septum of nose due to some blows, however, it is a mystery to know how much and which aesthetic surgery George Kahwagi had and if he had any surgery allergic reaction for some medicine.

change in photos

Here are some photos of what the former boxer’s face looked like in the early 2000s, during some of his previous public appearances.

During the early years of his career, Kahwagi’s face came to be perceived as attractive, as if he was considered one of them. Daring fashion.

Photo: Cuartoscoro
Photo: Cuartoscoro

On th eway boxingThe face was changing and slowly the injuries were becoming more apparent.

Photo: Cuartoscoro

During his career as a politician, Damage Slowly it started showing up.

Photo: Cuartoscoro
Photo: Cuartoscoro

From one moment to the next, the politician’s face was also badly affected, giving way to an apparent disfigurement.

Photo: Cuartoscoro
Photo: Cuartoscoro

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George Kahwagi reappears after being rehabilitated and looks unrecognizable

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