Britain to track illegal immigrants with GPS and fingerprints

People who are under deportation orders in the UK must carry GPS fingerprint scanners, so the Home Office can Verify your location and identity,

These devices are similar to a large key chain and will be issued to those persons under immigration bond track location 24 hours, In addition, users must scan their fingerprints when prompted to confirm their identity and proximity to the electronic device.

NewScientist wrote that “the Home Office has not said how often this will be needed and has not clearly stated why fingerprint scanners would be better than ankle tags,” adding that “The use of the collected data will comply with the security laws.”

Unfortunately, NewScientist reports that “an attorney who has represented several clients who were required to wear ankle GPS tags and who wishes to remain anonymous says that Security measures are not enough,

The attorney indicates that “many people who are subject to deportation orders experience post-traumatic stress disorder, so 24-hour GPS monitoring could worsen their condition.”

On the other hand, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior says that “the public rightly expects We comply with our legal duty to electronically monitor any foreign criminals Discussed immigration bonds while awaiting deportation. Labeling is decided on a case-by-case basis and a mix of fitted and unfit equipment is used.”

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