Britney Spears attacked Selena Gomez on social networks

A new publication from The Princess of Pop has generated controversy for allegedly pointing to Selena Gomez for using a dual discourse on bodily autonomy.

The social network has become the main resource for the princess of pop to express her opinion. Just weeks after vacationing on Mexican beaches, Britney Spears Posted a strange message on his Instagram account, which is addressed to Selena Gomez, In the caption (which has since been edited out) Spears pointed to the actress only murders in the building To promote a double discourse about the body of Star Plus.

“Don’t you love the mother-in-laws of women who stand their ground for awards and talk about their beliefs about not showing off their bodies on Instagram? Yet those women are the ones who make 4 million Suck on dollars and lick homemade ice cream!” Spears had words on Instagram. Immediately, users connected the dots and found references to Selena.

In August 2020, the singer who shares the credits Steve Martin In star Plusreleased a musical collaboration with the group called “Ice Cream”. k pop black pink, In the video clip of Melody, women are seen licking ice cream while dancing against a colorful background. Spears’ post also alludes to Selena’s speech at the 2016 American Music Awards, where she urged women to show off their bodies less on social media.

NTR Mexico

Selena Gomez in the “Ice Cream” clip with BLACKPINK.

“The next time you see someone licking candy in a big-budget video but giving a discreet speech to shame other women for exposing their bodies, I want to tell them not to be a hypocrite.”, the “Womanizer” singer wrote alongside a picture of herself. The publication has already been revised after her words generated a negative reaction from Selena’s fans, viewing it as an insult.

pop sugar

Drew Barrymore and Selena Gomez at Britney Spears’ wedding.

actress of only murders in the building of star Plus You spears They seem to have had a good relationship, so much so that she was one of the special guests at the “toxic” interpreter’s wedding last June, in the company of the mother of jesusParis Hilton, Drew Barrymore and Donatella Versace, However, the tension between the two began when Spears made a publication in which she made comments about Christina Aguilera’s body. Although Britney apologized, Gomez and Aguilera stopped following her on the social network.

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