Brits demand Meghan Markle and Prince Harry removed from royal family

british monarchy It has many fans who follow the lives of the family members very closely, but they don’t seem too happy with it. Duke and Duchess of SussexThe prince harry why meghan markleand ask that they be removed from the official page royal family, where they can still be seen, as in the image below.

Petition started via social network Twitter, where hundreds of netizens are discussing their different views on the situation. on the one hand, they are Defend Meghan Markle and Prince HarryClaiming that they are still very much loved by a good portion of the British public, and that despite the fact that they have had several accidents, they are still part of the royal family.

On the other hand we have those who They don’t think it’s appropriate for the couple to be part of the royal family Because of the many conflicts that happened between the royal family and them. started after the racism scandal Meghan will accuse the royal family From her being mistreated because of the color of her skin, Meghan and Harry go through the scandal of moving to the United States.

To add more fire to the chaos, netflix He will launch a series on the scandals of the royal family, Harry and his wife, and then Harry will launch an autobiographical book in which he promises to expose his family’s discriminatory attitude toward his wife.

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