Bronco and Mandingo are in mourning; Lupe Esparza. Please report tragic loss to the family of

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Sister’s death this afternoon lupe esparzathe singer wild HorseVia a message from Guardians of Love singer Arturo Rodriguez.

Through his Instagram account, Rodriguez sent his condolences to the real name of the interpreter of “Oro” Jose Guadalupe Esparza and his brothers, members of the Mandingo group.

Instagram @broncolupe

In a note shared by the artist, he confirmed the death of Alejandra Esparza JimenezOne of the 12 brothers of the famous native of Durango.

“My deepest condolences to my friends from Bronco, Mandingo and the entire Esparza family for this significant loss. May God fill you with light as you face this duel. A hug, guys,” he wrote.

Instagram @arturo_guardianesdelamor

So far, lupe esparza, wild Horse In Mandingo He has spoken about the death of his sister, Alejandra Esparza Jiménez.

Who are Mandingo, a group of Lupe Esparza de Bronco’s brothers?

mandigo It is made up of brothers Mario, Enrique, José and Javier Esparza, who in turn are the brothers of Lupe Esparza of the Bronco.

In 1987, Pepe and Enrique Esparza were working as Bronco employees; While Mario and Javier, the best of the family, were about to finish secondary and high school respectively.

“He had the illusion of forming a musical group, which prompted him to take advantage of the moment that his boss (Bronco) was not there and left the instrument in the rehearsal room to take his first steps in music. When José Guadalupe Esparza, the eldest brother and member of the Bronco group, learns of their concern, brings them together to make a proposal: form a group to find out whether the members really have the will and talent. was,” the group’s website says.

Instagram @grupomandingo

The group was born under the name “Los Perros”; In addition, he hid his relationship with Lupe Esparza, “to find out whether the public would really accept him for the quality of his music, not his older brother’s fame.”

After some time they changed the name of the group to Mandigos, as they were not completely satisfied with the first one and it was not well accepted by the public.

“Lupe Esparza (from Bronco) remembered that he had seen a foreign film about a tribe of African Indians who fought to conquer territories and fought against colonists. It featured a leader named ‘Mandingo’ , a character who admired him. Talent and desire to advance; in addition to protecting himself, he fought tirelessly to create a compelling image”, tells the story of Mandigo.

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