Bruce Willis denies that he has sold the rights to his face for future digital creations

Bruce Willis team rejects the idea that the famous sold its digital image to a company deepfakes, The Telegraph indicates that the actor marketed his rights to authorize the creation of his own ‘digital twin’ to appear in more film projects after the actor announced his return from filming.

The Hollywood Reporter adds that “although reports indicate that this made Willis the first person in Hollywood to enter into this type of arrangement, His team denies the existence of such an agreement.,

The actor’s rep told the same medium that Willis “has no affiliation or agreement with this deepfake company.” Meanwhile, a preacher of the organization explains that Actor’s digital image rights cannot be soldBecause they are yours by default.

A DeepFake spokesperson explains that his company created a digital twin for its 2021 ad campaigns, and that Any use of the image will be up to Willis,

The unit promotes Digital Twin technology so that actors can virtually incorporate their image into marketing campaigns without physically appearing in front of the camera.

In this case, to recreate Willis, The neural network was trained on the contents of ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Fifth Element’., Additionally, The Hollywood Reporter concluded that the celebrity’s family “issued a statement on social media announcing that the star would be withdrawing from her acting career after suffering aphasia, affecting her cognitive abilities.”

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