Bruce Willis Forever: Actor sells his image to be digitally replicated in movies, series and video games

The technology used to create deepfakes is evolving. What was previously easily recognized as a manipulated image or video is now more difficult to detect. Such technology is often used to commit cybercrime, however, marketing agencies are beginning to use it. to market your products (The most infamous announcement in Spain is probably Lola Flores with CruzCampo).

In the future, deepfakes could be used for more than just commercials and it probably wouldn’t be uncommon to see actors who aren’t on set appear in a movie or series. Bruce Willis predicts that this technology will become more common and At the age of 67, he sold his image rights to a specialized company.

American actor announces retirement from acting world in spring After being diagnosed with aphasia, However, the sale of his image to the company Deepcake, whose services have been used in viral videos, advertisements, and even in some series or movies, may mean that Willis appears on your television or movie theater. Will stay

This news makes the actor the first Hollywood actor to do so. However, the fact that Willis has just sold his image rights doesn’t mean that his face hasn’t been used to create a deepfake video yet: Famous had already worked with Deepcake For a mobile ad in Russia.

The company has already made 100 characters with such technology.

“With the advent of modern technology, I was able to communicate, work and participate in filming-Willis wide-, even being on another continent. It’s a new and interesting experience for me, and I’m grateful to the team.” Now, with the sale of his rights, the retired actor is expected to be in for more publicity, as there will be brands looking for a star. Promote their goods.

Plus, deepfakes could see Willis returning to movies, even after announcing his retirement this year. Although not common at this time, this technique has been used in Star Wars. Recreate the youth versions of Mark Hamill hey Thanks to a Peter Cushing or Carrie Fisher en Rogue One.

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