BTS and fans shave their heads in support of going to military service

Some fans of the South Korean septet bts Have shown their support for the status quo, not with messages of good luck shave your head completely. Here we have all the information.

The trend started via social networks after the announcement of bts temporary retirement because they will complete their compulsory military service South Korea. This has generated divided opinion among Internet users who watch with amazement how some fans have already passed a machine through their heads in honor of their favorite group.

The disapproval of most fans didn’t stop some from taking the plunge and he actually shaved his hair To show your particular form of support.

The reasoning behind this is that in the Korean military, as is the case in most countries, active members are assigned a . need to take military court which usually total hair removal, baldness, The members of BTS would probably go “bald” while serving in the military, so by shaving their heads, fans compare their status with that of the cast, thus demonstrating their commitment and fanaticism.

Let us tell you that this is not the first time, a few years ago there was a false rumor that Mexican singer, mario bautistawould have been diagnosed cancer And she may have lost her hair in chemotherapy treatment. In honor of this, many fans shaved their heads in support and posted a picture with the hashtag #MeRapoPorMarioBautista. Later, it was revealed that the artist was not suffering from cancer and that her hair was still intact, ridiculing the many young women who participated in the trend.

This time too it is quite the same, the only difference is that the members of bts If they will go into military service, and this is not a malicious rumor. For more information, we have an article on temporarily deleting bts To serve your country.

Here we are leaving you some pictures of the trend #MeRapoPorBTS.

BTS and fans shave their heads in support of going to military service

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