BTS Jimin’ brother warns ARMY to almost die in Itawan stampede

brother of Jimin member of korean group btsdismantled the concern’s network after announcing that he nearly died in a stampede itawonWell, fans would not want to have to deal with this sad news.

it all started in the past 29 October When hundreds of people died of alleged suffocation and drowning as they celebrated the night of Halloween In a very small space and with a lot of people in it.

given the situation South Korea and his government declared national mourning until November 5Because they are devastated by the news and this is the least they can do.

Among so many publications on various social networks, a photo of the “brother” of the Korean singer quickly began to go viral. JiminWho would be the younger brother of the artist and who assured that there would be a stampede day, numbering in the thousands army They were afraid of the worst.

known as brother jihyun Validate news through your Instagram account @jih1yun was posting some pictures in a hospital where he looked a little serious, but assured that he is fine, army send instant support messages to Jimin Due to the situation he was facing, however, after some time it was confirmed that the account was an account pretending to be such. jihyunThat is, it was a false account.

Fortunately, everything was a lie and the family of Jimin He was in good health, with fans dismissing the account and assuring that this type of false news should not be created.

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