BTS Jimin fans start preparations for big projects before his birthday

BTS fans are super elated because one of the members, Jimin, is set to ring in his birthday on October 13, 2022. According to the latest reports, fans of the singer have already started preparations! Some of her fans have put together multiple gorgeous birthday projects to celebrate the beautiful day of the year.

Some project names that will be submitted by Chinese and Korean fans of the Septet member have already been revealed. International fans have also produced some very significant and moving projects in contributing to the improvement of social and animal welfare. If media reports are to be believed, the choice of the number of cities to host the projects will be representative of Jimin’s age!

The great birthday project.

Aside from the above plans, the same fan base has come together in groups to facilitate an amazing birthday support project to commemorate the special day. For the same, Jimin will have a giant 200m long double-sided support wall that will be adorned with the K-pop star’s images and include giant custom stickers all over it. Also, the wall is located on the road leading to BTS’s next concert in Busan and is expected to last for a month. Fans have supposedly chosen this vantage point so that Jimin can see him and feel her love and support.

Other projects

In addition to those mentioned above, another fan base is reported to be building a ‘Jimin Forest’ over the Han River located in the Jamwon area. The activity includes the planting of 500 trees and the installation of two benches.

Last photos

Jimin recently won hearts after sharing a set of concepts for the Special 8 Photo-Folio mood sampler. The singer shared the concept film and other preview images on September 27 and 28, 2022. We can’t help but appreciate the sophisticated black and white styling of him in a sultry pose. The BTS member exuded an unrivaled aura, with his eyes wet from the rain and dim lighting in the background.

Photo-Folio Special 8 is a unique project involving BTS members who actively participated in it and helped fans around the world experience their different personalities and looks. Previously, the youngest member, Jungkook, drew everyone’s attention with his amazing images and sublimated the concept of ‘vampire’. Previously, RM shared an interpretation of ‘myself’ to show his personality through photos.

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