BTS’ Jin is seen crying in the early hours of military service

All attention is focused on military recruitment of members of bts gin, Since the date of his recruitment was confirmed.

On the afternoon of December 13, Murthy finally appeared at the military training camp in South Korea, where he would spend a few months before being sent into the military. front line on the border with North Korea.

The other six members of the group accompany their dear friend to the training ground to say goodbye to him just before his mandatory military service begins and they won’t see him for a long time.

A few hours later, the first pictures of Ginnie At the military training base, in the images, you can see Ginnie with his shaved head and greeting his superiors with the rest of the recruits, but you can also see that the Kpop singer is very sad and with tears in eyes,

Many fans were both happy and worried upon seeing these pictures and wished him a safe return.

In the comments we can find:

“Don’t get hurt and be safe”

“He looks great even with his buzz cut”

“Please come back safe and sound”

Singer is scheduled to complete his mandatory service duties on June 12, 2024.

Here is a video from when the artist entered the training camp.

A video was also published where we can see the exact moment in which the artist cuts his hair.

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