BTS: Jungkook revives relationship rumors with Taehyung with a romantic gesture in Qatar

When a person goes on a trip without their partner, the most common thing they do is buy something for him on the trip and bring it as a gift, right? That’s exactly what he did. jungkook Thief TaehyungAnd fans are having doubts again.

Rumors of a relationship between the two youngest members of bts, jungkook why Taehyungbegan 3 years ago when fans of the group noticed the behavior of “mate” of the two singers, and since then, it seems every time bts makes a public appearance fans get another “testing” Of courtship

last month, jungkook was the official manager of fifa world cup qatar 2022, And as always, he made a presentation at the opening ceremony of the World Cup. For this, jungkook traveled from South Korea until Doha, QatarAnd he stayed in that place for more than 1 week, and when he returned, he showed that he didn’t stop to think about his supposed love, Taehyung,

It is learned that, during his stay in the Arab country, jungkook seen in a store Celine in Doha, and it looks like she bought clothes for her classmate, TaehyungHere are tests collected by fans of the group.

When jungkook came back from Queue One South KoreaInstead of going home, he stayed in a double room next door Taehyung, creating suspicion. we have one Use About this.

And as if the fact that they spent one night alone in a hotel wasn’t enough to intrigue fans, Taehyung seen dressed Celine he probably jungkook Brought it from Doha when he visited a store of that brand. Here we have evidence gathered by fans of the group.

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