BTS’ V makes fans go crazy with his way of kissing BLACKPINK’s Jenny

popular south korean artist V, widely known for being one of the members of the group of kpop bts, She has driven her fans crazy with her romantic way of kissing her alleged partner, jenny of Black pink.

famous courtship rumors between Taehyung And Jenny started off with some leaked images of the two statues walking around the island Jeju In South Korea. Shortly after, more never-before-seen images of the idols were released in their apartments, restaurants, hugging and video calling. But there was one that caught the attention of his fans.

And now, with one of the photos of the two, it is seen that the idol usually has small signs of affection for its partner, as one of the images shows. Taehyung Kiss jenny On the forehead when they take a picture.

However, some fans still can’t believe that the pictures are real and were edited. But we have to be honest, the authenticity of these photos deserves a lot of attention, so there’s a good chance that there are both people in the photos.

Meanwhile, all networks have already seen photos and videos of the various moments that both the idols have shared and even members of the bts Join the party to celebrate the release of the latest album Blackpink ‘Born Pink’

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