BTS V’s conversation with his manager turns into a heated debate among netizens

Netizens have currently engaged in a heated debate over a recent conversation between BTS’s V and his manager. The duo were seen chatting and their interaction was caught on camera as the K-pop idol headed to a radio schedule. It just so happened that V was seen arriving at the MBC building according to the schedule footage of him as a special DJ for one of the radio shows. Kim Taehyung is seen waving to his fans as he heads to a spot in front of the press with the intention of posing for the cameras before entering.

manager’s entrance

As soon as V arrived at the scene, his manager followed him and stopped him. What follows next is a conversation between the duo about the BTS member’s intention to pose for the press. V apparently pushes his manager away and pulls down his mask for the press to take a picture of him.

Internet users’ reactions

As mentioned above, netizens are divided in their opinions on the whole thing. Some said that the manager acted rudely while V just followed his schedule protocols, which included posing in front of reporters to signal his presence. Not only that, but some other netizens pointed out that the manager put pressure on V for lack of time, but ended up taking more time by getting between the BTS member and the press.

Previous news

BTS member V’s recent fashion statement is making headlines around the world and he’s impressing fans with his looks for a special reason. The BTS member, singer, and songwriter recently broke all stereotypes and impressed the world with a special look. Yes, V was seen wearing bold red lipstick in the new photos of him that were enough to break the internet in no time! Speaking of the new images, they appear on BTS’s Proof Collector album, which the group’s agency BigHit Music calls a veritable collection of the K-pop group’s activities.

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