BTS’s Jimin radiates charm with his latest Special 8 Photo-Folio preview photos

BTS member Jimin recently shared the Special 8 Photo-Folio mood sampler on his official social media account on September 26, 2022, much to the excitement of his fans. In addition, the singer also shared the concept film and other preview images on September 27 and 28, 2022. We can’t help but appreciate the sophisticated black and white styling of him in a sultry pose. The BTS member exuded an unrivaled aura, with his eyes wet from the rain and dim lighting in the background.

new pics of jimin

The new images of the member of BTS have gained the Internet in a very short time for obvious reasons. We can see the perfect use of props like plaster mannequins and statues that helped create a colorful atmosphere and a strong charisma on Jimin’s part that is definitely not limited by the frame. Jimin participated in the pictorial work under the title of ID: Chaos which included the concept planning stage, props, costumes, and everything picturesque!

Special 8 Photo-Folio

Speaking of Special 8 Photo-Folio, it is a unique project involving BTS members who actively participated in it and helped fans around the world experience their different personalities and looks. Previously, the youngest member, Jungkook, drew everyone’s attention with his amazing images and sublimated the concept of ‘vampire’. Previously, RM shared an interpretation of ‘myself’ to show his personality through photos.

Previous news

Previously, BTS member Jimin maintained his spot at the top of the boy group member reputation chart in August, making it his 43rd non-consecutive month at number one on the chart. For the inexperienced, Jimin’s brand reputation index is 6,009,493. The positivity-negativity analysis of the BTS member has revealed a score of 87.50% positive reactions. Talking about Jimin’s keyword analysis, the words included there are ‘collaborate’, ‘release’ and ‘compose’, which are among the highest ranking terms related to him. Also, his high ranking phrases include ‘ARMY’, ‘Bad decisions’ and ‘Jimin Effect’.

Like the other members of BTS, Jimin is currently focusing on his individual projects ahead of the group’s comeback, with a new surprise coming soon! The BTS member collaborated with his other bandmates and released the song Bad Decisions with Snoop Dogg, produced by Benny Blanco, a few days ago. On August 5, 2022, BTS released Bad Decisions in collaboration with Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg and has since achieved multiple milestones in a very short period.

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