BTS’s Jin confronts the driver who abused him (VIDEO)

Ginnie, largest member of bts and soon to go into mandatory military service, they hired a driver who had previously turned down the boyband and its members for not being famous at the time. Each member of the group asked him for a photo, but he declined because he was not known.

Gin is doing it for his solo single as part of the promotion “Astronaut”, idol participated in the official channel of famous idol park myung-soo And right there he gave him what he deserved, because beautiful around the world He remembered when Driver rejected him for not being a big star at that time.

During the broadcast, the official color of Myung-soo, who also wore purple army, They recalled that it was not the first time they had seen each other, as their first meeting had been eight years earlier in an airport bathroom.

“We met at the airport at a bar Gimbo”, the 53-year-old driver said. For his part, Jin confirms this and reveals that the meeting took place in the bathroom. “Yeah, you told me not to take photos and leave,” said the K singer bangtan boys in an interview.

When Ginnie Told her that, the driver tried to justify himself and explained that he did not want to take pictures as there were many members BTS. However, the idol singer said that this was not true and he was just washing his hands.

In the end, they both forgot about the situation and reconciled so that there was no enmity between them.

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