BTS’s Jin was attacked at the airport in Korea, what happened?

fans went to see Ginnie The airport in Incheon, Korea, is heavily criticized for failing to respect safe distances.

when the stars kpop End their activities outside the country and return, usually the airport is full of fans waiting to greet them. this happened recently Ginnie, When he returned from Argentina.

Despite what happened a few days ago in Etawah, many negative comments are coming on the fans for not taking care of the distance.

Many fans were worried, with hundreds of fans waiting at the airport. In the beginning, everything seemed controlled, as they had obstacles in allowing the artist to go on with peace of mind. Ginnie He looked tired, had just made his debut in Argentina and nevertheless took the time to greet the fans, but as he neared the exit, the barriers had disappeared and the crowd was over the performer. To no avail, the artist’s safety can be heard asking them to step aside.

After leaving the airport, he boarded a vehicle, which he was also following. Videos were uploaded to social networks and many critical comments were made about the attitude of fans.

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