BTS’s Jungkook and Taehyung had a romantic date on the beach and pictures leaked

Today’s Date Photos Members of Joe bts jungkook You taehyung, better known as V, They were on the beach in the morning. as expected, army He is surprised by the peculiar placement that both the idols have made alone.

Jungkook and Vee have been discovered, and thanks to a fan sharing some photos of the two actors on the beach Busan in the morning hours.

These photos became a trend on social networks under the hashtag «#taekook». And it is that, being one of her favorite friendships among BTS members, some fans have questioned her friendship and even created theories of an alleged romance.

golden corn and V is so close since we met in the group, they even have a day «Taykuk Day», Which is celebrated on 5th April.

Their surname is a combination of their real names, a surname by which their pair and other members within the group are known. They are also emotionally connected, as fans usually form so-called bromance, and this is where some theories are born within the fandom.

and you, did you like this date night V You Jungkook?

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