BTS’s Jungkook’s Reaction To J-Hope And Crush’s Rush Hour Is Too Exciting To Miss; check it here

It was only a few days ago that BTS’s J-Hope and Crush’s Rush Hour were released, and the video won hearts in a very short period of time! Not only fans but many other celebrities also praised the music video that witnessed Hobi and Crush’s first ever collaboration. The latest to react to Rush Hour is none other than BTS’s youngest member, Jungkook. The Left and Right singer couldn’t contain his excitement and he was too excited after seeing J-Hope and Crush’s dance practice video for Rush Hour.

The video

On September 28, 2022 KST, BTS member J-Hope shared a clip of the dance practice video for Rush Hour co-starring Crush on social media. J-Hope can be seen in the P Nation dance practice room in the video along with Crush and a group of other dancers. Not only that, but Hobi is also seen lip-syncing to the rap portion of the track while showing off her excellent dance moves.

Jungkook’s reaction

As soon as J-Hope shared the dance practice video on Instagram, his BTS co-member Jungkook was one of the first to comment on the same thing. The singer expressed his amazement after seeing Hobi’s amazing dance skills. If you’re thinking that she posted a single comment on the video, you’re wrong! It’s because Jungkook posted eight different comments on the same J-Hope post, causing laughter among fans.

Jungkook’s repeated comments caught the attention of J-Hope before long, who had an equally hilarious response to it. This is what he replied: “JK, what is this.”

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Rush hour

Rush Hour is a fusion of Crush’s incredible voice and J-Hope’s wonderful flow of rap. We can’t help but appreciate the trendy dance snippets that have a bit of an influence from BTS’s popular Mic Drop, as revealed in previous teasers. There’s no denying that the track is an old-school diner with all the cars, dance team, and music moving throughout the video. Speaking of Crush, she is currently preparing for the release of her upcoming fourth mini album titled With Her.

Here’s what he had to say about his collaboration with the Septet member: “We’ve been talking a lot about music with each other for a long time. And while preparing for my new song, I realized that we shared similar goals and thoughts in terms of music. So I suggested that he join me.”

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