BTS’s V Exudes Charm In His Latest Proof Collector’s Edition Images

BTS members have millions of fans around the world and the numbers keep increasing every day. Each member has their own specialty of hers, and fans surely know that. V, also known as Kim Taehyung, is among the most unusual and popular members of the Septet. From wooing the audience with his endless expressions during performances to making surprise appearances on social media, Taehyung sure knows how to turn heads.

Another reason why V has a large following is because of his baritone voice and striking looks. Like the other members of BTS, V has drastically changed his concepts and costumes and seeks to complement the ever-evolving music of the Septet. Recently, Tae Bear posted a few more photos in his name that made fans go crazy.

new photos of v

For the inexperienced, the members of BTS recently shared the collector’s edition of the Proof album, which includes a completely new range of content concepts and images. While fans are already fascinated by the album photo book, Kim Taehyung has also shared a set of exclusive images on his personal account. The BTS member sported a casual outfit consisting of a t-shirt and pants, and his regal avatar took the internet by storm in no time. V is known for his evolving style of play, and the latest screenshots are proof of that.

Check out the photos below.

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The BTS member, singer, and songwriter recently broke all stereotypes and impressed the world with a special look that he shared on social media. Yes, V was seen wearing bold red lipstick in the new photos of him that were enough to break the internet in no time! Speaking of the new images, they appear on BTS’s Proof Collector album, which the group’s agency BigHit Music calls a veritable collection of the Septet’s activities. Speaking of BTS Army, they are praising V for his latest bold move when he flaunted his tainted red lips on social media and broke all stereotypes related to fashion and gender.

The photos include one of her putting on lipstick, another with a smudge, and a few more where her expression wins our hearts in no time. Many fans also shared the images on social media and praised Tae Bear.

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