BTS’s V worries the army about his health with a recent photo

singer of kpop, V, With whom recently shared a picture army He showed his concern and he said that he does not agree.

the artist who was recently Parisreturned to his homeland Korea weekends, and on these days through your account instagram She shared a series of pictures like always, except that instead of making her fans happy, they were worrying her a lot.

as is common Korea The standards of beauty are very demanding, and more so among people who make the world of fame, but army consider a member of bts He focuses too much on it and doesn’t take care of his health, which would be the most important thing.

statue of kpop He has made his fans go crazy as apparently he is following a strict diet to lose weight but this is over the limit, in the picture shared by the singer, you can see a scale which shows his shows current weight 63 kgand in the person measuring 1.79 Metropolis, This is very little. Her followers claim that she is losing more weight than she should for her height and sharing this type of post is not healthy.

However, his other fans shared that no one should comment on his body, as it is normal for him to lose weight very quickly due to the activity he exercises, this led to a difference of opinion in the comments on his photo.

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