Buying on ‘Ikea’ with Zombies: The unfortunate idea of ​​the latest horror video game

If you’ve ever feared being locked up at IKEA, how long did it take you to get out? ‘Shop is closed’ Make your nightmares come true. Although it is a fictional horror video game, the STYR department store’s similarity with the famous Swedish brand has led IKEA to choose to sue them.

La trama de ‘shop is closed’ era la de a man who stayed at night in a furniture shop called STYR And, there, many zombies appeared to fight against. In the game the fictional firm used an IKEA color scheme (blue and yellow) and you could see uniformed employees from the Netherlands-based company.

Its developers are from the small independent company Ziggy, which is based in the UK. He argues that the name of IKEA or any of its products is not used at any time in history and that The furniture that appears is based on general designsBut that hasn’t reassured the Swedish firm’s lawyers.

“Your game uses a giant billboard in yellow on blue With a name of Scandinavian origin – description of lawyers from IKEA- hired by the law firm Fros Zelnik. The building is in the shape of a huge blue box. store workers wear a blue and yellow vertically striped uniform Similar to IKEA employees. The path for customers is marked by a gray corridor. Upholstery The shape of the game looks like that of IKEA, and the interior signs of the store look like those of IKEA. All these details immediately suggest that the game takes place in an IKEA store.”

Users have had a hard time getting hold of the console since it came out due to the chip crisis.

All these similarities invite players to think that the store in ‘The Store Is Closed’ is one of the many stores in the Swedish franchise. At least that’s what lawyers say, who assure that both articles are published in the press and their readers’ comments. Affiliate the game with IKEA.

Ziggy was funding the game on Kickstarter and it was about to go live For computers, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Now, its release will have to wait: “If I don’t want to be sued I have to revise the whole aspect of the game.”

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