By bed, Ninel Conde raises the temperature in lingerie and transparencies

ninel count He surprised millions of his followers on the social network by sharing images of one of his most remembered characters on television. The actress and singer published a series of photos with raised the temperaturelike the one in which he was seen By bed in flirtatious lingerie and transparenciesConfirming that she is one of the most beautiful women on the show.

,killer bomb“, as she is also known artistically, has been seen in the midst of controversy more than once for her physical changes, because although she has not confirmed it, it is known that she has undergone various beauty treatments and surgeries. However, the reality is that he is fascinated with the great body that he boasts of in his more than 40 years, as confirmed by his recent publication on the meta platform.

Ninel Conde shines in flirtatious lingerie

It was Thursday when the artist enthralled millions of his fans with a curvy silhouette instagramShowing pictures of his role in “lord of heaven“, the images from which he stole his eyes received thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments, many of which can be read compliments, as his fans never miss an opportunity to show their love to him.

Ninel shines from the bed. Photo: IG @ninelconde

“It was a favorite character of many… Let’s see how many of you remember her name. #ninelcount #elseñorfeloscielos #countgirl,” he wrote ninele To share the publication in which you can find photos and a video of the character of the series starring Rafael Amaya, “Evelina” Lopez, receiving, so far, 19 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments with words like: ” Evelina Most Beautiful”, “Killer Candy Beautiful”, “Wonderful” and “Every day more beautiful and very sensual young lady”; among others.

The actress, who turned 46 last September, is considered one of those celebrities who boast of an incredible figure, and the images she shares on the digital platform confirm it, as do her happened with the recent publication in which she wore lingerie to sleep, showing a coiffure cloak nude with transparency, and baby doll Lace and light fabric.

conde involved in the production of telemundo for the sixth season with the character of evelina, a woman who loses her fiancé and then meets the character of “El Cabo”, played by actor Robinson Diaz, who tries to win her over. In 2019, he returned for the new season of the series and shared images on his network with the phrase: “With all our love we continue to record so you can enjoy this beautiful character.”

“El Bombone Assassino” boasted a great physique and recalled a beloved character. Photo: IG @ninelconde

ninele She began her career in 1995 after being the winner of the Senorita Estado de México contest, and although she has fallen in love with the social network with her many outfits, it is the bikini that has crowned her as one of the queens . Look, because she’s one artist who isn’t afraid to try out all kinds of styles, as she demonstrated in her recent publication with her outfits and the ones she constantly shares with others.

He has been a talent for the most important television stations such as Televisa, TV Azteca and Univision. In 1997 she became a mother for the first time with actor Ari Telch, until 2014 she had a second child with businessman Giovanni Medina. “Under the Same Face”, “Catalina and Sebastian”, “The Lit Torch”, The Revenge”, “Like in the Movies”, “Rebelde”, Fire in the Blood”, “Sea of ​​Love”, “Because Love” Manda” and “En Tierras Salvajes” are some of the telenovelas of her career as an actress.

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video | Ninel Conde and Dulce Maria in bikini raised the temperature with this photoshoot

VIDEO: Ninel Conde raised the temperature in a tight gold bikini

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