By nature, the wife of Marco Antonio Solis has been declared the queen of style in tight jeans

Marco Antonio Solis is one of those artists who have best represented us over the decades. Bookie never goes out of style and continues to tour in different countries of the world in stages from touring to conquering. Behind her talent lies a great job and a lot of family support which makes the singer never give up. Undoubtedly’s husband Christian SalasYou can be proud of the support your people give you.

Christie Solis, the darling of Marco Antonio Solis, has a lot to do with the path within the music industry that El Buci created. The Cuban-born model usually accompanies her, as she did on her previous tour of Europe, or from afar with a call or message that makes the artist feel closer to her family on a daily basis.

Christie Solis posing. Source: Instagram.

In the Dominican Republic, where he performed in the last days of September, Marco Antonio fell in love with everyone and, without his life partner nearby, it was time to make the talent of his daughter Mara the fruit of love with him. Christy Solisso, Marla, only 22, had the opportunity to open her father’s show with her single “Cudet”.

for its part, fuckin christy, who gave “Yes I want” to Marco Antonio in 1993, attracts all Internet users to the social network every day. On Instagram, she is all the rage with her outfits and displays of affection that she gives to her followers or what she receives from them. She recently clarified that at the age of 51, she is one of the queens of the web.

Christie Solis posing. Source: Instagram.

with four pictures, Christy Solisso I raise the temperature by wearing black jeans with a shiny belt, a tight beige blouse and a huge cap that matches her goggles and shoes with which she stumped and earned close to 2 thousand likes.

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