By the beach, Cynthia Rodriguez models a bubbly bikini

Flirty and very beautiful, she looked like this Cynthia Rodriguez In his last Instagram post, he shared a photo in which he a flirty bikini model what makes him show off your amazing figure leaving many of his followers speechless. As expected, the images lit up the network as they received thousands of “likes” along with hundreds of flattering comments, confirming that she is one of the most loved celebrities on the digital platform.

the driver left a few months ago smile come onBecause she indicated that at this stage she wants to focus on her family which she has just created with her husband Carlos Rivera, However, she has not lost touch with her fans, as she is very active on her official accounts, the meta platform being one of her favourites, as she continues to share her best looks for any occasion, such as at sea. Coast that she let us see this Thursday and she showed that she has a slim and curvy silhouette.

Cynthia Rodriguez shows off her curves in a bikini

The singer also took advantage of the fact that the weekend is about to begin to pamper her more than 4.1 million followers. cynthia He uploaded some pictures which he took from the beach which was the perfect setting to show off in a bikini and see that he has one of these The most sculptural silhouette of the artistic medium. In the images, the celebrity triumphed by showing off a flat stomach and a tiny waist, which was much appreciated by her fans, who flooded her with flattering messages.

Cynthia Rodriguez shows off her curves in bikini IG @cynoficial

“Remember Me” singer’s wife Modeled very simple two-piece swimsuit, But it highlighted her curves. The piece attracted attention forr short and sleek, Because it didn’t have any pattern or decoration, however, it was enough for Rodriguez, 48.Yes, show off her enviable silhouette. Likewise, the artist decided to put his own style on it and combined dekho de playa Thief some chains, small earrings and of course some cloudy lens In the same color as the garment.

“The days we went to sea, the ones that gave us peace of mind”, was the phrase with which Cynthia Rodriguez He shared the pair of photographs, of which he did not reveal where they were clicked. In one picture you can see the legs of a man, which is why many of her fans believe that he is her husband. Carlos Rivera, With whom he had walked down the aisle a few months ago during a trip to Europe.

As expected, the images lit up the network, generating hundreds of comments, among which the following stand out: “Omg great body sin !!! Enjoy”, “Looking at this made me hungry”, “You are always full of emotion With heart send “You a big hug @cynoficial”, “I know they legs mijaaaaaaaaaaaa” and “But a beauty of photos”, to mention some of the publications that have already exceeded 260 thousand “likes” Huh.

Fans noticed her boyfriend in the pictures on IG @cynoficial

native of Monclova, Coahuilabecame known when he participated in the reality show “academy”In which despite not winning, he won the hearts of the public with his talent, charisma and beauty. In addition to her career as a singer, she also worked as an actress: “Sequesta un hombre”, “Mujer comprada”, “Huerfanas”, “Los Rey” and “Educando a Niña”, however, this was her last single. The aspect as a host in Tha Venga La Alegría, which put them among the favorites of the audience who today miss them on the small screen but love to see them enjoying their life as a couple.

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