By the beach, Livia Brito paralyzes the net in a tight bikini

Got to see such a sight by the seashore and dazzling with its beauty Livia Brito with millions of followers Instagram and FacebookThe platform in which she constantly shares content, primarily her looks, with which she is crowned the queen of style, and confirmed this with her most recent publication From the beach with whom paralyzed the network social in which he shone a tight bikini,

Star of “La Desalmada” and “Nobody’s Woman”, crowned beautiful actress beach queen looksAnd confirms that she is one of the prettiest women in the middle of the show, but also one of those actors who imposes fashion with her outfits, as she always stands by the people she admires for her millions of fans. Be it sports outfits, casuals or elegant gala dresses.

Livia Brito wins in a flirty bikini

in snapshot brito Published on her official accounts of the meta platform, she shared a picture in which she can be seen posing on the beach with a beautiful landscape of sky in shades of orange and blue, which matches perfectly with her outfit , because the actress is wearing a swimming costume Two Pieces, by which he won the hearts of his fans with his modern style.

Livia won the hearts of her fans in a tight bikini. Photo: IG @liviabritopes

“It’s about moments, yes one day, no the next, it’s just a matter of time… just #lavidaesbella,” wrote the beautiful Cuban actress, originally from Cuba, along with an Instagram post in which she has already met hundreds Has garnered more than 100,000 comments from her fans and over 100,000 “likes”, a post in which she was seen wearing a flirty denim mini shorts, a white hat and a navy blue floral print blouse.

In the picture with which she won her 7.4 million followers on the meta platform, she can be seen posing in a very stylish way. tight bikini which combines blue and white stripes with the style that was a trend in summer and seems to continue to gain strength this season, as the set stands out for its fabric design Crochet Which adorns the hem of the top and the bikini top.

“How beautiful”, “Very beautiful”, “Beautiful”, “I love this woman”, “What beautiful photos” and “Beautiful”, are just some of the messages the 36-year-old Cuban actress received from her fans, who have visited our country. I have supported him since the beginning of his career and continue to show his loyalty.

Beautiful Cuban looks with the best beach. Photo: IG @liviabritopes

The actress arrived in Mexico from her native Cuba 10 years ago; In 2010 he starred in his first telenovela, “Trunfo del Amor”, with which he demonstrated his talent, and which also brought him fame, later participating in other melodramas such as: “Abyss of Passion”, ” Italian Girl Comes to Marry ” , “La Pilotto” and “Doctors, Lifeline”; In addition to trying out as a host with “Dancing for a Dream” in 2014.

in present, Livia Brito Television is one of the favorites and has also become a fashion reference, especially when it comes to lux de playaWell, with each of her outfits in the network, she gives a style chair, confirming that she is one of the queens of bikinis by showing off trendy and trendy outfits that make her dazzle.

The actress enjoys from a yacht with her pets. Photo: IG @liviabritopes

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