By the bed, Aleida Nñez turns on the net with red lace lingerie and transparencies

aleida nunezu became one of the artists who turn on network With each of his publications, as was the case with the most recent photo shared by his account vip agency, In which actress and singer are in one Bed wearing a piece of red lingerie with lace and transparenciesWith which she flaunts her curvy silhouette, which is admired by her fans, who always “like” her posts.

The actress, who ended her participation in it a few weeks ago “warrior heart”“, is one of the celebrities who decided to open a page of exclusive content whereAnd share photos and videos for adults. as he made famous Ivon Monteiro and Suge Abrego, The 41-year-old singer shows off her sexiest side with different outfits, ranging from tight bodysuits to flirtatious lingerie, as she showed off in a photo on the social network owned by Meta.

Aleida Núñez has a curvy silhouette IG @aleidanunez . Is

Aleida Nunez raises the temperature in flirtatious lingerie

To promote the page of a native of Jalisco, VIP Agency A picture shared on his official account Aleida Nunez Andun who shine red lingerie, with which, as it thickened, the temperature in the network rose, because the artist showed off her curvy silhouetteWhich he has achieved thanks to his intense exercise routine, which he occasionally shows off on sites like Instagram, where he already has around 4 million followers.

you can see in the image nunez Sitting on a bed of white sheets, which stand out the carmine-colored robe, which is a . is made of flirty panties and a top it was made of a volatile canvas, who drew his attention transparency and Its design of small folds at the ends. The costume was very captivating and sensual, so this could be one of the ones that his fans liked the most.

“Subscribe to my VIP site! Follow me and enjoy the exclusive content that I have prepared for you”, put the agency on behalf of the interpreter “The Tickle”, Joe is winning with his platform, as it is one of the most followed and the network breaks every time he shares a picture like this which attracts millions of his fans. Always looking for his updates.

Aleida flirtatious red lingerie IG @contenidovip.agencia. shown with

aleida nunezu is one of his best moments, because in addition to his success with his exclusive content site, he will be working on a project again, this time on stage, because he will be in “great music”, in which you will share the credit Laura Flores and Patty Mantorola. The actress is very excited, so see you from her most recent publications from staged rehearsals.

The musical joins a series of projects that she has done throughout her 20-year career, as we must remember that Aleida did “Between Love and Hate” and “Las Avenues of Love” in the early 2000s. Like participating in a soap opera. She also found an aspect as host on the shows “Vida TV” and “Viva la Manana”, making it clear that she is a multifaceted artist who is not afraid to do different things.

Aleida Núñez added her VIP IG page @aleidanunez. won with

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