By the sea, Africa Zavala shows off her curves in a flirty bikini

Beautiful and very stylish, it was like this to see africa zawala in your latest post on your account instagramin which he posed in the middle of the ocean She showed off her curves in a flirty bikini. Although the images were captured some time ago, this was not an excuse for millions of her fans to leave her flattering words on the platform in which they identified her as a The most beautiful on Mexican television.

The actress joined the #TBT trend or throwback Thursday, In which social media users post pictures from the past. AfricaAs his fans fondly call him shared a behind the scenes videoand a photo session taken in high seas over a boat, which was the perfect setting for Will model a two-piece swimsuit with which he wore her slim and curvy silhouetteWhich is highly praised by his followers, who were delighted by the clip.

Africa Zavala shines in bikini

In the clip which he musicalized with the song “give it to meactress of “her, “Crown of Tears” Shows how she modeled with different poses bikini show which stood out for its modern and youthful style, as it featured a combination of purple and white on the top, while The panties were lilac and decorated with ribbons on the sides to highlight the hip area and thus create a more stylized effect.

Although the actress did not specify when and where these pictures were taken, she clarified that her figure has always been great, because this is not the first time africa zawala Posing with a two-piece swimsuit, she mesmerises her millions of followers. So, as expected, some of her 2.2 million fans posted some comments full of praise and admiration, expressing their affection for the artist who has emerged as one of the most fascinating in the medium .

“#tbt, who else loves the ocean?” was the phrase with which the celebrity shared a short clip in which she can be seen by the sea wearing her flirty bikini with which she seduced him flat stomach and stylish stomach, Which she has maintained after becoming Leone’s mother more than two years ago, because it must be remembered that the 37-year-old actress has a relationship with the actor Leon Peraza Napolitano.

The actress is a fan of bikini IG @afri_zavala

,Visible“, “Pretty”, “What a Beauty!!!!”, “Beautiful”, “Dil se you look beautiful and super sexy beautiful princess” and “How beautiful”, are some of the comments that can be read in the publication that has won its fans, as it has also gained more than 10,500 “likes”, proving that Africa is among the most famous celebrities. It is one of the social networks, as they do not miss their updates on their digital platforms such as Meta.

“Under One Roof”, “Peregrina”, “The Boss of the Champion” and “Atrapada”, are some of the productions that have consolidated her as a melodrama actress. Meanwhile, it is gaining popularity on social networks, as it is one of the favorites, thanks to the fact that it reveals its most daring side with its risky and sensual looks, but also shows that It has a good sense of humour, as it follows trends and posts comedy videos.

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