California to allow digital license plates to be used on cars

California (USA) has been testing the implementation of digital license plates since 2018. The Los Angeles Times media outlet assures that, initially, the technology was ported to 175,000 vehicles. thanks for doing Assembly Bill 984The number of drivers with digital plates has increased to 27 million.

Digital license plates were approved for the Motor Vehicle Bill on October 5. to any resident Replace traditional metal analog boards with digital ones.

Prior to California, there were already two US states that applied this law to private vehicles: Arizona and Michigan. For its part, Texas also allows digital license plates, but only on commercial vehicles.

Bernard Soriano, deputy director of the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), confirmed that the measure would allow drivers to renew their registrations. without going to the dmv center, “It would be a lot more beneficial to them and it would make our processing more efficient,” says the professional. “It’s a big change.”

Types of Digital License Plates

There are two innovative digital boards: the work they do with battery and those who go con cable, In any case, their registration is paid for two or four years in advance.

Drivers will have the option to pay their fees monthly or annually. These contracts would allow Californians to avoid requesting an analog license plate from the DMV.

The robotic eyes used in the study were remotely controlled, but the researchers want to automate them.

The price will depend on the type of digital plates chosen:

  • license plate with battery: It will pay $19.95 per month or $215.40 annually. The contract lasts for four years.
  • Wired License Plate: They cost $24.95 per month or $275.40 per year. The contract lasts for two years.

The digital plates will be purchased through the Reviver company’s website. There, users will be able to select the type of board they want to install and choose between doing it themselves or paying extra $150 To a professional.

In addition to visual aesthetics, these license plates will make it easier to locate a stolen vehicle or display an emergency message in the event of a local Amber Alert.

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