Camila Sodi accompanied Diego Luna to pay tribute to her father; Pedrito Sola criticized his attitude

(Photo: REUTERS/Stephane Mahe // Photos Instagram: @tiopedritosola – @camilasodi_)

Once again, Pedrito Sola finds himself in the eye of the storm for sharing his opinion on a sensitive issue. Professional economist on the occasion Criticized the alleged attitude of Camilla Sodi At the end of the posthumous tribute that the Ministry of Culture and the National Institute of Fine Arts made in honor of alejandro moonHis former father-in-law.

It all happened during his live broadcast on Friday, 16 December windowing From the royal enclosure. Thanks to their cameras, they managed to capture the most important moments of the event, such as the words spoken by Diego Luna and his mother, Fiona Alexander, in memory of the beloved set designer, as well as the celebrities who came with the family.

The architect died on Tuesday, December 13, at the age of 83;  The causes of death are still unknown.  (Capture Twitter: @andactores)
The architect died on Tuesday, December 13, at the age of 83; The causes of death are still unknown. (Capture Twitter: @andactores)

were famous among marina de tavira -The current passionate partner of Diego Luna- and Camilla Sodi -His ex-wife and mother of his two children-. The hosts of the entertainment program appreciated that the two parted, leaving aside a possible feeling of discomfort. In fact, due to a sudden change in the seating arrangement during the tribute, they were about to sit together hero of internal management and Fiona and Jerome were with me.

There was no problem during the event, but when Thalia’s niece left the venue, a reporter followed her. windowing That he wants to talk to her about the sensitive moment his ex-partner and his children are going through. The actress did not want to comment on the matter and only thanked for the expression of affection.

Thank you so much for joining us during such a difficult time for the family. We thank you very much.

His statements were not well received by Pedrito Sola, who described his attitude: “Well, I’m a sucker and so what, that’s how I would have replied”, Lynette Puente tried to defend Camila Sodi by assuring that she usually speaks this way in front of the media, but Driver was clear: “But not in such a serious moment, they go to pay homage, the man died a few days ago, the matter is over,

(Capture Instagram: @camilasodi_)
(Capture Instagram: @camilasodi_)

hero of ruby, false identity why Luis Miguel: The Series She hasn’t talked about it, however, so her way of expressing herself to the media may be directly related to the loss, which she told in an interview for the Aislin Derbez Podcast, she has been through since then. done when she was a child.

The press has hurt me since I was very young. I grew up protecting myself from the gossip press, which was always on the lookout for me, harassing me, posting horrible things since I was little.

Likewise, he recalled a difficult moment he had with Diego Luna on the public streets which he still remembers as somewhat painful. According to what she said, she was arguing with her then-husband before the divorce and despite tears streaming down her face, a fan asked her for an autograph, something that undoubtedly surprised her.

(YouTube Capture: The Magic of Chaos)
(YouTube Capture: The Magic of Chaos)

“I was crying… a super badass scene, we were in the (divorce) process and I’ll never forget it… ‘sorry to interrupt you but can you give me an autograph’,” I couldn’t, I turned to see her crying hysterically and I said ‘you dare’. I couldn’t believe the situation, I got trapped, it was worth it moms“, They said.

In the same conversation for La Madia del Chaos, she commented that her separation from Diego Luna was very painful after more than seven years of sharing and creating a family with their two children.

“A hope dies and a social construction of what a family should be dies. Obviously the emotional part hurts, but the structural part hurts a lot, structures fall down, then to put it back together… Reconnect and ask yourself ‘What does this mean to me and what is important to me?’ Everything falls on you to make it the way you want,” he said.

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