Can You Shut Down Twitter Because of Economic and Image Problems?

This Thursday, November 17th, twitter closed its offices After hundreds of employees opted to leave the company.

The reason for this is that employees refuse to work more under the threat of dismissal by Elon Musk, in addition, due to the closure of offices, Social network restricted access to internal communication tools and company equipment which was in the hands of the employees.

The resignation comes after Musk gave them “one last chance” to work hard at the company, insisting they make a decision ahead of a stipulated time.

As noted at the beginning of the news, hundreds of workers were fired through Twitter’s internal communication tools. While Musk gave this information through email The company needed people who could devote themselves to the maximum Under the pillars of intense work and long hours.

The employer is of the view that his work team should be hundred percent committed to him, however, Offices will re-open on 21st November Subject to compliance with the Company’s policy.

Twitter has registered with the US Financial Crimes Control Network.

Faced with this situation, Rumors have risen among users that the application may endBecause several employees said that there is no minimum number of engineers in charge of the system (that would cause the platform to stop working at some point).

in present, loss Hashtags Like #RIPTwitter or #TwitterOFF has become a trend application, Some users are saying goodbye to the platform, even Elon Musk himself has shared a meme of what happened.

Hashtag trending on twitter.
Hashtag trending on twitter.

On the other hand, Instagram has also shared a “We Love Twitter” message on its Twitter account as a result of the possible disappearance.

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